Doubt Removal

The personal doubt removal process has the secondary status whereas many a times it is the real difference maker. The student may have just hit a block somewhere or the other. This takes away the fizz from the other hardwork and motivation of the student. To facilitate the student with the same we have developed a system for the students where they get to clear their doubts then and there itself with best system and teachers dedicated for this sole purpose. The only requirement is a basic internet connection (that now most houses have). This would give the wand that would make your doubts and confusion disappear in a ‘jiffy’.

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Selection and Payment
Doubt Removal* (2500/- each)
(*Free study material for selected Subjects)
Total - Rs. 
Discount  %
Service Tax 12.36%
Courier ChargeRs. 
Grand TotalRs. 

  • Getting your Doubts Removed is now very simple and efffective.

  • The students can ask their Confusions and Doubts from the following:
  •       1. NCERT
          2. Conquer CBSE (Course Material)
          3. Test Series ‘Reckon’
                 ○ Full Tests
                 ○ Part Tests (based on the modules)
  • The student is given a fixed no. of doubt sessions typically assumed to be of 30 minutes.

    1. As soon the student has a question to ask,he just has to login and click on doubtFire.
    2. Write the doubt just the topic as well as subtopic or in a sentence format for E.g I have doubt in Rotational Motion and in the specific topic Rolling. The student selects its preferable timing on the teacher time table.
    3. This selection is then automatically intimated to the teacher.
    4. The teacher then confirms the time. The student is then sent a link for access to the dicussion room for a particular time.
    5. The student just has to click the link and then he enters the room where the teacher is already waiting for him and then they freely discuss things.

    The process is very simplified and organized.


    • As soon as the session is scheduled the session is reduced from the remaining sessions of the student.

    • The Doubts can be asked from both NCERT and Conquer CBSE Material.

    To start using DoubtFire, take these simple Steps.
    Your Move
    Step 1 (Entering): Click on the button Register Now on the website Home Page.
    Step 2 (Registering): Select the Subject/s and proceed to fill the form and make the payments online itself.
    domain's Move
    Step 1 (domain): Your username and password would be sent to you within the next 24 hours.
    Step 2: As soon as the payment is realized on our end. We will be despatching the 'Conquer CBSE' Course Material.
    Your Move
    Step 3 (Getting Started) : Once you get the username and passsword simply login and schedule your appointment with our teachers.
    Doubt Removal
    10 sessions
    (30 minutes each)
    Course material
    Test Solutions
    Rs. 2500
    (Each Subject)
    10% 2 subjects- 4500
    15% 3 subjects-
    20% 4 subjects

  • An internet connection for working with mobile/pc/laptop.
  • The speed should be at least 512 kbps.
  • How will the course be delivered?
    As soon as the student registers for the ‘DoubtFire CBSE XII’. He will be sent a courier of the Study Material Conquer CBSE. He will also be sent ‘Reckon’ Self Assessments.
    Even before the package reaches the student can start asking his questions from NCERT.

    What if the session time is not sufficient?
    If the session time is extended then the teacher will be taking a call whether the session is getting extended because of getting into other topics or the discussion is extended within the focussed area.
    If the teacher says the session has not been sufficient the extension could be made.

    Can I ask 2-3 doubts in just 1 session
    No the session is to be focussed on one subtopic only.

    What if the student is not satisfied with the discussion?
    If the student is not satisified he will have to report the same to the acdemic department which will take the due action.

    What if the session breaks because of connectivity issues or something else?
    If the session is being disconnected due to technical snag at the student’s end then the session would be counted.
    If there is a technical sang at the teacher’s end then the session is to be continued.

    How will I send the Tests?
    The tests are self assessments. A query related to some problem can be raised. The student need not send the Tests for checking.

    How are the subjects distributed in Modules?
    Each subject is broken into four modules. Each module has 3-4 chapters. Click here to see the distribution of chapters in modules.

    Can anyone take course only for one subject?
    Yes you can register for one subject also. See the Fees Tab for it.