Conquer NCERT-tb XII (Sc.)

Course Briefing

The Study Material named ‘Conquer NCERT-tb’ has been designed to facilitate the students who want to stay focussed on their Board Examination once they start preparing for it.
The properties of Conquer NCERT-tb are:

  1. Conquer NCERT-tb will help the students to round up their preparations in minimum time with maximum output.
  2. Conquer NCERT-tb is precise in the sense that it contains nothing that is unnecessary and nothing important has been left out. The perspective has been the flavor of Board Examination, and the NCERT text book, yet it is easy to understand.
  3. The problem sets are optimized to cover the complete spectrum of problems on a topic that could be a part of Board Exam.
  4. All unnecessary information has been filtered out. Unlike other conventional books available in the market, Conquer NCERT-tb are the notes of a chapter prepared by experts to achieve maximum in Class XII in minimum time.
  5. Efforts have been made by the team in making the Course Material best ever in India in terms of (i) presentation of text for understanding etc. (ii) making it error free (iii) quality of diagrams.

Still! Suggestions for improvement and error indications are sought from the students and other teachers.
The entire package of Conquer NCERT-tb has been structured in a manner that all the students with different needs will get benefit from it. It contains:

  • The Basic Course Material
  • The Test Series
  • Learning Support
The entire course of each subject has been divided into four MODULES each. Each of the four modules of a subject contains chapters that have a common thread and form a substantial chunk of marks as per the distribution of marks followed by NCERT. This will help the student in keeping track of his preparation, in terms of marks, as he finishes the modules one after the other. Each chapter has

2.Lots of Solved examples (including NCERT)
3.Unsolved Exercise

Click here for knowing the complete module distribution for Class XII

See sample chapters
  • Physics
  • Mathematics
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • English
  • There is the Test Series (Dry Run) before you take on the actual Board Exams.
    There will be these tests of each subject:

    1. Chapterwise Tests
    2. 4 Group Tests
    3. 5 Full Tests

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    Correspondence Course includes all the four compulsory Subjects - Physics, Chemistry, Maths/Biology and English. The Cost of course is 7,350/-