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Evolved from the system having trust of more than 11500 students. A system which has helped students score high marks in Board Exams without making them compromise on their other academic needs and aspirations.

A ‘student friendly’ online platform designed to help students eliminate their doubts and confusions by a team of dedicated teachers. These sessions have a single major aim to remove the obstacles, enhancing clear understanding of the subject and thereby ensuring your success in board exams.

domain E has always been making mark in terms of high quality system and services. The system has ‘mastered’ itself for helping students in preparing for Class XII Boards. We now have the best of the teachers, the most appropriate course material and the right testing method and tools for bringing out the best in the student with respect to the CBSE Board Examination.

The complete help for the class XII board exams. You could be requiring the teacher just for guidance or doubts or complete education. Even if you feel that you have an adequate preparation you could still assess your preparation or remove your exam fear by taking Tests. Understanding your need is the real prerequisite.

A complete package of printed material prepared by persistent effort of the expert faculty. It incorporates the entire course strictly based upon the latest pattern designated by the CBSE. The solved examples and questions covered gives you a perfect idea about the application of appropriate patterns and methods required for solving board questions easily and successfully.

Classroom Coaching

Leader in Classroom Coaching!!!

A system which has helped students score high marks in Board Exams without making them compromise on their other academic needs and aspirations.

Correspondence Course

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This course is ideal for the students who are looking forward to get the most authentic, systematic and precise preparation.

Live Series

Get Taught by Best sitting at Home

The proficient teachers would be teaching the student. The student can ask Doubts in the Classsroom as well as separately out of class.

About Us
domain E, founded in 2006, was started for Class XII Board Exam Preparation, catering to the students preparing for Competitive Examinations at various institutes of Kota. Since ten years of its inception, domain E has successfully registered more than 12500 students for Class XII Board Exam Preparation alone. These include primarily offine (Kota centre) and online students (Live Coaching via internet). Today domain E is arguably the leader in coaching for Board Exams.
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Classroom Student Testimonial

domain E Classroom Course helped a lot in making my preparation structured and organized. The teachers ensured that our efforts are properly channelized. The mentioning of the ‘critical concepts’ w.r.t the CBSE Exam was also important. We were also exposed as to important problems and Proofs and Derivations that could be a part of the examination.

Prakhar Suneja

When we learn from experts it definitely increases our knowledge and confidence. Domain E has given me a panel of NCERT experts which has not only helped me to score good marks in boards but also I have understood NCERT concepts effectively and efficiently.

Eshan Gadiya

Test Series Testimonial

The test series at domain E has helped me a lot to understand the exam pattern. The test series is focused on NCERT and the pattern of test series allows you to cover the entire NCERT with a perfect time management.

Anoushka Jain

Study Material Testimonial

"Though I was not able to attend the Classroom Course yet by taking the Course Material with integrated Test Series I was able to maintain a tight grip on the XII Board preparation following the test regime.

Arpit Gupta

Sample Content Class XII

The Most Followed
Study Material & Test Series

CBSE Class XII Module Distribution
Physics Chemistry Mathematics Biology English
Module 1
Electric Charges and Fields Electrochemistry Relations & Functions Reproduction in Organisms FLAMINGO - PROSE
Electrostatics Potential and Capacitance Solutions Continuity & Differentiability Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants The Last Lesson, Lost Spring, Deep Water, The Rattrap
Current Electricity Solid State Application of Derivatives Human Reproduction Indigo, Going Places
  Chemical Kinetics   Reproductive Health FLAMINGO - POETRY
  Surface Chemistry     My Mother at Sixty Six,An Elementary School Classroom in a Slum
        Keeping Quiet, A Thing of Beauty, Aunt Jennifer's Tigers
Module 2
Magnetism and Matter Haloalkanes and Haloarenes Integrals Evolution Reading Skills
Moving Charges and Magnetism Alcohols, Phenols and Ethers Application of Integrals Molecular Basis of Inheritance Comprehension Passage, Note Making and Summary based on the passage
Electromagnetic Induction Aldehydes, Ketones and Carboxylic Acids Differential Equations Principles of Inheritance and Variation VISTAS
Alternating Current Organic compounds containing Nitrogen     The Tiger King, The Enemy, Should Wizard hit Mommy?
        On the Face of It, Evans Tries an O-level, Memories of Childhood
Module 3
Ray Optics and Optical Instruments General Principles and Processes of Isolation of Elements Three Dimensional Geometry Human Health and Disease Short Composition
Electromagnetic Waves The p-block Elements Vector Algebra Strategies for Enhancement in Food Production Advertisement, Notice,Poster Designing, Invitations and Replies
Wave Optics The d and f block Elements Inverse Trigonometric Functions Microbes in Human Welfare Long Composition
  Coordination Compounds   Biotechnology : Principles and Processes Letter Writing, Article Writing, Speech Writing and Debate Writing
      Biotechnology and its Applications
Module 4
Nuclei Biomolecules Linear Programming Ecosystem NOVEL
Atoms Chemistry in Everyday life Determinants Organisms and Populations The Invisible Man
Dual Nature of Radiation and Matter Polymers Matrices Biodiversity and Conservation  
Semiconductor Electronics : Materials,Devices   Probability Environmental Issues  
Communication System